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The Road To Motivational-Speaker-Success

We at Motivational-Speaker-Success have often been asked, ‘how do you go about ensuring the success of your speakers?’

There really is not tried and true formula for motivation and success, only persistent hard work and sticking with the guidelines provided below:

a. Have a valuable, meaningful, and life changing message to share with your audience. The sort of information that can turn lives around for the better.

b. Write and create a one hour long presentation that speaks about the message. Write it in a way that is sure to connect to the core of the audience. The presentation should make the audience laugh while being so substantive that it is almost deserving of a literary award.


c. Gather a group of trusted professionals in a room to critique your presentation before delivering it to a paying audience. This is common practice at Motivational-Speaker-Success. Unless the people you trust have given the presentation the green light and it has passed with flying colors, DO NOT share it with the world yet. All great motivational speakers perfect their presentation first and then deliver their message to an audience.

d. Under no circumstance should you present a rough draft of your presentation to friends and family. Unless they are motivational speakers or professionals in the field of event management and public speaking they will not have the expertise to gauge the difference between a bad or great presentation. Present only to public speaking professionals.

e. Be generous with your material once it is perfected. Share it for free or at discounted rates to groups that are deserving of the material but cannot afford your regular rates. This way you are able to do pro bono work while test running the presentation to a real audience. A great way to fine tune the presentation, perfecting it for a much more discriminating audience.

Motivational Speaker

f. Document your talks and presentation if you want to achieve motivation and success. Hire a videographer with the ability to capture your talk using the right camera & lighting equipment. A great video of your presentation that is captured professionally is well lit and properly edited, can be a major marketing tool for future clients. Hiring a creative director, videographer and editor to manage your video productions at every event is an expensive investment but necessary if you are serious about becoming a success. All professional motivational speakers, including us at Motivational-Speaker-Success, document their work for marketing purposes.

g. Invest in a kick ass website. These days having a website where future clients can see videos, read write ups and published materials can guarantee more work than not having one. It is a must for all serious public speakers who are aiming for motivation and success.

h. Connect with your clients. The people who hire motivational speakers are the speakers’ bureaus, meeting planners, and the members of the National Speakers Association. Creating a database containing the relevant contact information of these people, getting in touch with them and setting up a meet & greet is the most important step at establishing your path towards success. They have to know who you are. Make sure to create a good impression because these are the people who will send you the jobs.

i. Know the competition and look for inspiration from them. Study the best motivational speakers by visiting their website and listening or watching them at work. Do not copy them. Understand what makes them great and incorporate it into your presentation. Aim to be better than the best.

j. Do the work because you want to make a positive contribution to the lives of people. Do not do it to get rich. Money is never the motivation of the best motivational speakers. Wealth is not the goal it is the result of hard work, of brilliant and creative work that is always people centered.


Becoming a successful motivational speaker is a commitment. You have to treat it as a business. You are the entrepreneur and the product is the material that you share with your audience. Like any business it requires a good measure of investment in time, energy, and financial resources. Whatever you do, unless you have the money to back up this venture for the long term, do not ever quit your day job, while in the process of pursuing your dream.

Ask any successful speaker at Motivational-Speaker-Success they got to where they are right now because they earned their place in the industry through years of toil. A person may have the innate talent to speak in front of a crowd but that will not go a long way unless the speaker is willing to go through the process of perfecting their craft.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Clubs?

Hybrid clubs are an amalgam of wood and iron in order to provide better features and benefits to golfers these days. However, it’s important to consider some important factors before buying a new hybrid club since there are plenty of options in the market today. But don’t worry because we are here to provide you with the best choices you can choose from so that you will get the perfect match for your golfing skills. In fact, Rockbottomgolf is your ultimate source of hybrid golf clubs with the right pricing. Please feel free to browse the site and find what you exactly want. We’ve provided the pros and cons so you are sure to make an informed buying decision.

With the features combined from fairway wood and iron, rest assured that you can level up your sports need with our hybrids.

Just be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each hybrid so you won’t regret your final choice:

• Hybrid wood

This type of hybrid is used to substitute the wood from the corresponding number. Meaning, the 5-wood contain similar loft just like the regular 5-wood. But the key benefit is the easy accessibility of golf club while the face depth is relatively larger compared to iron. However, the only con about this hybrid is the shallower club-face which affects the ball flight and hit.

• Hybrid iron
Golf clubsThese hybrid clubs are excellent alternative to standard woods. In fact, the advantages as well as disadvantages of hybrid irons from normal irons overturn the pros and cons of the hybrid wood. The increased thickness helps make the golf club less appropriate to extremely thick rough clubs. Hence, the extra thickness affects control during the ball flight. Golfers are actually amazed by the new features when it comes to making the ball reach its sweet spot and get score. But of course there is still a disadvantage in using this hybrid. The extra manipulation over the golf ball may reduce the shot frequencies which aren’t hit clean.

Before you choose a hybrid club, make sure to keep some important reminders in mind. For instance, a golfer may opt to test the clubs first before he pays for it. You can actually determine the right club to use by just testing the features offered by the product. The negatives and the positives of each item will open your mind to the possibilities once you use it at play. However, consistency is the secret when finding the perfect match for your skills. If the golfer was able to stroke his hybrid wood through the same consistency with a standard wood, then the advantage here is the bag. As a player, you need to understand every minute detail in order to become a winner.

Quickly Finding the Best Go-To Golf Shop Online

So if you simply want to find an easy to use club, you can use the hybrid versions. They are simpler to hit and are usually able to produce better shots unlike long irons. With their increasing popularity among golfers across the globe, Rockbottomgolf is committed to provide the best accessories and clubs that every player can use. The face of hybrid clubs is somewhat similar to irons because they are also flat. This makes hitting the golf ball a lot easier in a square manner. In addition, longer distances between shots are improved by a hybrid unlike standard clubs offered in the market.
Golf equipmentThe wider sole and rounded head design in fact allows players to achieve low center of gravity towards the bottom and back of club-heads. You can even swing freely with the right speed because the weight and length is suitable to your body specifications. With low center of gravity, hybrid golf clubs easily get the golf ball in the air while achieving higher flight than irons. They also capitulate less roll due to the increased flight. As a result, the driving distance is also increased. And if you are curious when hybrids are used, most golfers decide to use these versions in order to replace long irons and combine all the features of iron and wood clubs.

The lowest number hybrid must be able to provide golfers with distance between 10 and 15 yards; this relatively shorter than the highest number fairway wood for better distance coverage. Once you use hybrids for your golf need, you will know how effective they are in hitting the ball even in thick greens. For more details about hybrid clubs, check out our site today.