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How Challengecoins4less.com can Help your Organization?


The existence of challenge coins proves that these are not just tangible things that will wear away after some time. These types of coin don’t just exist to be displayed on the wall or anywhere else, but its real importance resides in the intangible things they represent.

Challengecoins4less.com has been making custom coins for years. We’ve seen how our coins are used to make people feel important, acknowledge heroism, and symbolize exclusive membership. For that, we feel honoured to see that our efforts in making customized coins are worth it.

The coins made by challengecoins4less.com are commonly used in different political and societal sectors. We’ve been making coins for corporations, military, fire department and police department. In fact, one of our most prominent customers is the NASA.

Importance of Challenge Coins
As Tokens of Acknowledgment

Giving challenge coins to the deserving members of your organization is a way to say, “Thank you” or “You did a good job” formally. One may say that you can just say those words directly to deserving members. However, your members may feel more appreciated if they have something that they can keep for a long time.

Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are there to serve as memorabilia and proofs that your deserving members have done a great job. These are gifts that you can give to your members so they have something that they can be proud of and show to their children and the next generation.

In fact, custom challenge coins are used even by prominent politicians and organizations to show appreciation. This is proven by history.

Even during the Roman Era, custom coins were already used as tokens of appreciation for the soldiers who were fighting in battle. Once the soldiers returned home, they would be given their day’s salary and customized coins that bear their troop’s insignia.
The Roman soldiers chose not to spend these customized coins. Instead, they chose to keep them as souvenirs.

Even during the modern times, challenge coins are still used to symbolize appreciation. In 2009, President Barrack Obama placed challenge coins on the memorials of the soldiers who were killed in the Fort Hood Shooting.

As Proof of Membership or Identity

One of the reasons why different organizations order custom coins from Challengecoins4less is to give a sense of exclusive membership to their members.

There were several stories throughout the history that tell how the challenge coins were used to prove one’s identity. One of the most popular story happened during the World War I
Challenge CoinsDuring the World War I, there were young volunteers from America who went to Germany to fight the war. One of them was a young pilot who received a custom coin from a wealthy lieutenant. This coin had a unique insignia, which symbolized the troop’s alliance. The young pilot kept this coin inside a pouch tied around his neck.

He was captured by the Germans not long after he received the coin. His personal belongings and everything that could prove his identity were stripped off from him to prevent him from escaping. However, this didn’t stop the young pilot from escaping when the bombardment arose.

The young pilot pretended to be a civilian until he reached the French outpost. During that time, there were spies who dressed up like civilians, and the French mistook him as one of those spies. He was about to be executed when he was unable to produce anything that can prove his identity. He then thought of the coin inside the pouch around his neck, and showed it to them. The French recognized the insignia and postponed the execution until he was able to verify his identity. Because of this, instead of executing him, the French gave him a bottle wine.

We know that every member of your organization is important to you. We know that you take time to appreciate the efforts of your members, because we know that some of them are willing to risk their life for the people and for the country. For this reason, the Challengecoins4less vows to keep creating challenge coins for those who deserve them.

The Challengecoins4less are known to create high quality coins. For this reason, we can assure you that our coins will last for several years, and the recipients can frame them in their walls to last for a long time.

Challengecoins4less.com is the right place for making custom challenge coins. For more details you can contact to us and also visit our website.