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Tips on Converting Your Design to Iron-on Patches


It is important to remember that there are elements in a design that can be lost when converting to embroidery. This is the reason why the design itself should be created with the thought of translating it into embroidery. This can save you from expecting that the iron on patches will look exactly the same as the company logo or digital design that you might have prepared, and finding out that it didn’t.

Each design must first be digitalized for it to be turned to stitches. After you have submitted your designed graphic or your written description to us, we will create a digitalized sample of it. This is a must to be able to create a good setup before we start manufacturing your iron on patches. You do not have to worry if you do not know how to create a digital image since we can easily do it for you. If you opt to do this by yourself, you have to know that you could encounter trouble spots on this. Today, we will teach you how to do this in order to get the best look of the design that you have in mind.

Create a Large, High Quality Graphic

The image must always be at an appropriate size for the embroidering. If the images are smaller than the actual size that the patches should have, they will pixelate by the time you attempt to enlarge them. Any small details you have can disappear. The edges of the design can also be jagged randomly or become squared. This can cost more time since the digitizer will need to fill in those missing details. Provide each detail you have in mind whether through creating your own artwork, digital image or submitting a written description. This way, you can be certain that the design will be embroidered just the way you want it to be. If you opt to create your own graphic image, you have to be certain that it has the highest resolution possible.


Minimize Light-Colored and Fine Lines

There are times when the outlines or fine lines that have light colors such as yellow and white would not look the way you envisioned them to be. You have to keep in mind that embroidery is different than a digitalized image. You have to think in terms of stitches. Be aware that the fine lines on embroidery are created through a series of thin stitches. These stitches can leave negative spaces and this can cause them to look like dots instead of a fine line. Dark colors are more preferable on these cases. They can look more attractive and can “show up” on embroideries compared to light colors.

Avoid Fading Effects

Gradients cannot look as good as what you can see on digital images when applied on embroideries. They can be done by overlapping threads of different colors but it will not be as good as the digitalized ones and you can jeopardize the clarity of your designs.  You can ensure a clear and vibrant-looking design by turning these fade effects into solid colors.


Follow the Minimum Size of Characters

It is quite hard to read small characters on iron on patches. This is the reason why the letterings you might be looking to include in your patches should be at least ¼ inch. There are cases when smaller characters can be made but it requires the use of a finer thread which is more costly and fabrics such as nylons. We highly advise that you do not limit your own choices through this though.

The last and perhaps one of the most important things you should do is to get your work optimized by a trusted designer. We have great artists that can optimize your design well. We understand that you want your iron on patches to look the best they can be which is why we see to it that our optimized versions and stitched samples will actually look just the way you want them to. We will only start manufacturing your orders by the time you approve the samples. This is to be certain that your patches will only be created according to your liking. Our best digitizers are waiting to work with you.